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I just wanted to put up a quick report of my areas I guide. The Penobscot is my main area and where I have been focusing on. With the rain over the last week the Penobscot has doubled in flow, which isn’t a bad thing. When the river jumped in flow, it really got the bass active. Every fish we caught was spitting up damsel flies or bait fish.

On Friday I had a grandfather, son and granddaughter out and they landed 78 fish in four hours and that rolled into two more days off big fish and lots of them.


The Wets Branch of the Penobscot has warmed ,so please check the water temp before fishing it. If you do mornings and evenings would be best for cooler water. With that said the temp has been hovering just below 70. Stac and I got up there a week ago and it fishing was incredible. We caught all fish on dries even though there was no hatch. Caddis and big stone flies are the food of choice.



Kevin McKay, Owner

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