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Lee Zeldin is at it Again

I know this is the Maine Fly Fish blog, and while this note is intended primarily for anglers in New York, we all share the same resource so I’m posting here as well.

Representative Lee Zeldin of New York’s 1st Congressional District representing Long Island, tried last year to pass federal legislation that took waters off Montauk Point, New York out of the EEZ managed by NOAA and give control of the area to the State of New York. He wanted to do this because commercial fishermen are not allowed to take striped bass from federal waters. Luckily better thinking prevailed and his attempts were defeated.

Stripers Forever has always opposed efforts to open the EEZ to the keeping of striped bass because we feel that the EEZ closure—which has stood since the mid-1980s—provides precious sanctuary for larger striped bass. This is especially important right now because these large fish are relatively depleted, are the most important breeders and finest genetic specimens, and are the very fish upon which the future of the species depends.


Rep. Zeldin is at it again. He has introduced two amendments to appropriations bills that would prohibit NOAA and the U.S. Coast Guard from using any of their budget to enforce striped bass regulations in the EEZ.

You can find the language of the bills here

and here

We urge our members and any conservation-minded anglers within the districts of the below legislators, as individuals, to join with Stripers Forever and contact these legislators by letter, phone or e-mail and express your opposition to these amendments:


Rep. Jose Serrano

Rep. Nita Lowey

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen

Rep. Zeldin


Rep. Serrano is from the Bronx, NY; Rep. Lowey is from Westchester, NY; and Rep. Frelinghuysen is from NJ. You need to be a constituent of these legislators to e-mail them directly, but anyone so motivated can send them postal mail. Especially if you are someone who travels to Montauk or anywhere along the New York coast to fish for striped bass or other marine species.

The hearings on these amendments start on Tuesday 9/5, so please do this today.

Thank you,

Brad Burns President of Stripers Forever

Kevin McKay, Owner

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