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Introduction to Fly Fishing

Hello everyone! As many of you know, Kevin is a fly fishing guide here in Maine. An amazing one at that. He is not only a great caster and angler but he is also incredibly knowledgable in all aspects of fly fishing. His passion is extremely contagious and it is one of the main reasons I started fly fishing. Recently Kevin asked me to start a blog for his website. He wanted me to write it from a women’s perspective. I was a little hesitant but after some thought, I agreed. So here I am, in all my glory!

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. First things first, I’m a bit of a goofball and love to laugh so it’s likely you’ll see that come out a bit from time to time. I am a 40ish year old with three beautiful daughters, teenage daughters. They are the reason I drink wine…Kidding! Seriously, they make me laugh everyday. Each of them inspire me in different ways. I am truly grateful for them. I work full time at a country store and also have my own cleaning business. I thoroughly enjoy both my jobs. I was born and raised in Maine and couldn’t wait to “get out of here”. Well, I got away yet, here I am again. I grew up spin fishing with a worm and a bobber. I was hooked right from the get go. It wasn’t until I met Kevin though that I tried fly fishing.

I met Kevin several years ago and he told me he was a fly fishing guide. I didn’t know anyone who fly fished and certainly didn’t know anyone who guided. I was intrigued. Kevin would spend his lunch time tying flies at the store where I worked. It was the coolest thing to watch. I listened to his fishing stories and asked tons of questions. Before long I was dying to fly fish.


I have spent the last year and a half fishing with Kevin in various places for many different fish species. I have also had the pleasure of working a few fly fishing shows with him. All of which have been an absolute blast. In doing so I’ve been able to see many different aspects of fly fishing. From tying flies and trying out fly rods to bugs and casting lessons with Lefty Kreh.

Through all of this, there has been an unrelenting buzz about women in the fly fishing industry. At the show in Jersey they even had a special area just for women. So after some thought on whether or not I wanted to do a blog about fly fishing from a woman’s perspective, I’ve decided to indeed write a blog but instead write it from a different perspective. One of someone new to the fly fishing world and all that it entails. We can’t expect to become apart of or be included into a society, group or environment if we’re constantly singling ourself out. Yes I’m a woman, yes I fly fish….so! I’d rather talk about my experiences as someone new to fly fishing, the process of learning about casting, rods, reels, fly line and the list goes on and on. I hope you stay tuned to what comes next and enjoy my blog from a “Newbies” perspective!!




Kevin McKay, Owner

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