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“It’s just a small brown”
"It’s just a small brown” Last year I made the 10 hour trek to New York’s Salmon River. My feelings were mixed going into this trip. I had listened to story after story about how difficult these fish were to land and as you know, I’m still a newbie with a lot to learn so I was nervous and anxious. I had little to no expectations of landing a fish. This was more of a practice run of sorts for me. I remember standing in the river while the water rushed by me in my w

Stream and River Waterflows
Stream/RiverDate : TimeFlow
Penobscot Lower W BR, MCKAY STN, Ripo Dam* 08-21 19:13 2492
Allagash River near Allagash 08-21 19:00 430
Fish River near Fort Kent 08-21 18:45 252
St. John R below Fish R @ Ft Kent 08-21 18:30 2880
Grand Lake Stream 08-21 19:00 224
Dennys River at Dennysville 09-30 23:45 1010
Narraguagus River at Cherryfield 08-21 19:00 104
E Branch Penobscot R at Grindstone 08-21 18:30 347
Piscataquis R near Dover-Foxcroft 08-21 18:30 122
Penobscot River at West Enfield 08-21 18:30 5140
Kennebec River @ The Forks 08-21 19:15 5650
Kennebec River at Bingham 08-21 19:15 2140
Androscoggin R at Errol, NH 08-21 19:15 1560
Androscoggin R near Gorham, NH 08-21 19:15 1570
Wild River at Gilead 08-21 18:45 46
Dead River at Leeds 03-14 23:45 113
Presumpscot River at Westbrook 08-21 18:15 566
Mousam R at Rte 4 near Sanford 08-21 18:45 24
Mousam R near West Kennebunk 08-21 18:45 45
Salmon River, NY at Lighthouse Hill* 08-21 00:01 185

Low or Poor Water Conditions
Good Fishing Water Conditions
High Water Fishing Conditions
Unknown fishing conditions

Streamflow information at this site is provided from data from USGS sites and Dam operators. does not guarantee that this data is accurate or is the latest readings. As always, approach running water with caution. Latest Info:

USGS website | Dam Ops Flow Hotline [1-800-557-3569]

* Provided by Waterline
Stripers Forever
2018 Release A Breeder Club

Welcome to the Stripers Forever 2018 Release A Breeder Club or “RBC”. This program is designed by Stripers Forever to promote the release of large “breeding size” stripers which are mostly female fish. Current striped bass management practices have targeted large striped bass. The result has been a considerable decrease in the number of these large, old fish found in the population. Nature never intended it that way. Striped bass are the top predator


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Maine Fishing Report
I just wanted to put up a quick report of my areas I guide. The Penobscot is my main area and where I have been focusing on. With the rain over the last week the Penobscot has doubled in flow, which isn't a bad thing. When the river jumped in flow, it really got the bass active. Every fish we caught

Fly Tying Videos

Peacock Bass in Florida

Peacock Bass in Florida
It’s 6 am and as the sun rises so too does the aggressive tarpon feeding on mullet. We had spent the last few hours casting to them but all were just out of reach. We decide that our shot at tarpon had passed and head to breakfast. It is there that we put together our plan to hit a canal that I had fished the year before. Though I hadn’t seen any, it was known for huge peacock bass. Jax had never caught a peacock so at this point even a small would check it off his bucket list. mullet…

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BWO or Blue Wing Olive
BWO or Blue Wing Olive The first hatch I ever witnessed was on the West Branch of the Penobscot in May. Amazingly enough it wasn’t what I could see though, it was what I could hear! The sound of fish jumping out of the water. They were going crazy. It was a feeding frenzy! The sun hadn’t quiet come up yet so all I could do is listen. I remember asking what they were feeding on and being told blue wing olives. It wasn’t until the sun was up and I looked closely at the water that I could see th

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